Sarasota Memorial Welcomes SMH Baby

New App Designed to Help Women During & After Pregnancy.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is proud to announce the arrival of SMH Baby, a free app it developed with today’s digitally savvy, expectant mothers in mind.

“With 3,000 babies born at Sarasota Memorial each year, and the unprecedented number of people relying on mobile devices for information, SMH Baby’s arrival is the perfect addition to our mother-baby team,” said Mary O’Connor, MSN, RNC, IBCLC, manager of Sarasota Memorial’s Childbirth Education & Lactation Services. “It gives our moms-to-be a handy resource to quickly answer questions and learn what to expect throughout their pregnancy.”

Designed to help guide women through their pregnancy and special delivery, the app is available immediately for download from the App Store on iPhone/IOS devices and from Google Play for Android devices. After entering their baby’s due date and basic information, expectant moms (and dads) can enjoy weekly “milestones” that appear as different fruits (representing the size of the baby growing inside) and reminders, such as when to pick a pediatrician and register for childbirth preparation classes, as well as keep track of doctor’s appointments and other important dates.

The app also includes useful tools women can use to monitor and mark pregnancy milestones, including:
• Week-by-week education on the development of the baby, with a journal for moms to make entries throughout their pregnancies and upload photos.
• Pregnancy tools, including a Kick Counter, Weight Tracker, Hospital Packing List and Contraction Timer.
• Helpful links to the hospital’s Childbirth Education Classes, New Moms & Dads Blog, SMH Maternity Services, Parenting News, and other local resources.
• Milk Mail registration, a weekly email that supports moms with breastfeeding advice at regular intervals after their babies are born.

SMH_Baby_appIf you would like to search for the app through a browser, please use the keywords “SMH Baby”. Otherwise, you can simply scan the QR Code with your device, and it will take you to the app store.