Clumsiness in Some Elderly Tied to Brain Changes

Certain brain changes may help explain why many older adults become clumsier as time goes by, a new study says.

Age-related declines in vision, agility and other physical abilities can lead to an increase in problems such as knocking over a glass while reaching for the salt shaker or fumbling while trying to slide a key into a lock (more…)

High-Fiber Diet Helps Heart Too, Expert Says

Basket of vegetables

Eating a high-fiber diet does more than promote digestive well-being; it’s also good for your heart, an expert says.

Dietary fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans “has been shown in research to help lower cholesterol,” Jody Gilchrist, a nurse practitioner at (more…)

Celebration of Hope Keystone Award Winners to be honored during April recognition event

SARASOTA, FL – The Center for Building Hope today announced that James V. Fiorica, MD, will receive the organizations highest honor, the Stephen H. Goldman, MD, Keystone Award.   In addition, Marie Borsellino, RN, OCN, and Angela Long will join Dr. Fiorica as this year’s Keystone award recipients. (more…)